Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. From 21st January, if you weren’t able to redeem your voucher on Saturday, come into

  • BETTA ELECTRICAL in the Turangi Town Centre, Turangi – available during working hours
  • 100% APPLIANCES in Hakiaha Street, Taumarunui – available during working hours
  • PINNACLE ACCOUNTING in Clyde Street, Ohakune – available on Wednesday between 4pm-6pm only

We have some of every type still available. The bayonet is the most common in all houses, so come on in and get yours this week.

You must have your voucher though – staff cannot accept anything else.

Yes, you will receive 100% of the 2019 distribution and at least 50% of the 2020 distribution.

The majority of income is distributed directly to consumer beneficiaries on an annual basis. A small amount is set aside, firstly for energy related projects and lastly, for projects that will provide community benefit. There is no set criteria for the latter and in the first instance, correspondence should be sent to KCEPT, care of the Secretary.

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