King Country Trust (previously the King Country Electric Power Trust) consulting on Trust Deed changes

The King Country Trust (previously the King Country Electric Power Trust) is consulting with beneficiaries on changes to their Trust Deed. 

The Trust Deed was written in 1993 and last amended in 2011.

KCT began the review last year and have been working with lawyers to ensure that the Deed best serves their beneficiaries and reflects changing technology. 

“Our lawyers have prepared a summary of these changes. We are very happy with the result and now wish to consult with our beneficiaries to ensure that they are happy with the proposed changes,” says Trust Chair Adie Doyle. 

“It’s important that everyone has a chance to look at and consider what is proposed as needing to change, be able to ask questions, and most importantly – have their say knowing that the Trust must and will take all of that into consideration before making any final decisions.” 

A beneficiary is anyone in the Turangi, Taumarunui and Ohakune area whose property is connected to the Lines Company’s lines network. 

Beneficiaries will be able to view the proposed changes, understand what it means for them, and provide feedback on this via the KCT website or by attending the Zoom community consultation meeting to be held on Wednesday, 27th October at 7.00pm.  Please access the Zoom link on our website.

KCT is also changing their logo, help Trustees to decide by clicking on your preferred logo when you visit our website.